Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 4.50.15 PMEverything you have read until now concerning the perceived ill effects of remote drug delivery in beef cattle has just been neutralized. According to a study recently completed by D.T. Bechtol, DVM of the Agri Research Center, Inc. in Canyon Texas, two looming concerns are once and for all put to rest.

Questions Answered:

  • Can RDDs provide subcutaneous injection? Yes
  • Did such injections result in any muscle and tissue damage? No

Among the many findings of Dr. Bechtol, he said “Gross and histopathology results showed an RDD equipped with a 1/2 inch needle having good skin penetration providing subcutaneous injection with no muscle damage.”

“There were little to no signs of injection site blemishes, impact trauma, nor wounds related to any type of injection (hand or remote).”


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